About me

My background is as a learning and organisational development practitioner, a field I have worked in for over 15 years in all sorts of roles – instructional designer, facilitator, coach, strategist, RTO manager. You name it in L&D and I’ve done it! I’m also a researcher in workplace learning with a particular interest in examining organisations as complex adaptive systems.  I submitted my PhD dissertation at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) in late 2017 entitled “Professionals’ experiences of work and learning in complex adaptive organisations”. I have also had some journal and conference publications based on this research here and here. I also lecture at UTS in the Master of Education (Learning and Leadership) where I teach in the subjects Leading Learning, Designing Innovative Learning, and Organisational Learning.

In my spare time I have two little kids…and that’s about it for spare time 🙂 I also like to cook, sew, grow veggies, and read. I’m trying to learn German – with limited success despite having lived in Leipzig for 2 years.

All opinions are my own. Unless credited to somebody else, all words and photographs on this site are my own. Copyright 2008-2014. You may use them with permission and an appropriate credit 🙂


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